How do I record my home surveillance onto my computer with my wireless router?

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Hi, I am looking to add 1 or 2 night vision cameras outside for my driveway. I have ran into an issue lately to where I dont believe my home and vehicles are safe.

I have Verizon FIOS Internet, 25 down and 25 up. It came with a Wireless Router. I want to run one – two wireless IR cameras and have it synced to my wireless router to record to my computers hard drive. I have plenty of hard drives so I will be able to dedicate a hard drive just for wireless surveillance. I dont need to monitor the activity, although I know I can and need a program to do all of this, from a website address from anywhere with internet connection.

I can build a very basic computer with a hard drive, but I need to know the components I need to buy to where I dont have to run video cords all the way to my bedroom for to a DVR PCI card.

I believe I need the following:
WiFi Cameras
Computer with a decent sized hard drive. I think a 160 gb is sufficient as I only need to record up to 48-72 hours worth of time.

I just want to utilize my wireless network router so I can eliminate the wires, plus, hey, its a wireless router. What a better time to utilize a wireless router than for my surveillance?


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