How to recognise a dummy security camera?

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Hi, i would really like to know how to recognise a dummy security camera.

i know that…”recognize the dummy spy cameras by the “lenses” which are made of plastic. Or it may be a real spy camera but broken, or just having no details inside. The other thing is that such cameras have only one cable. As a rule, a real professional spy camera has two cables – image and power cables. So, now you also may distinguish such cameras in the shops.”

but nowadays cameras are very difficult to see through and how in the world will u know if e lense is plastic… and even the fake cameras could have 2 wirings.

Is there any professional way to immediately detect if a security camera is fake?

I really need to know for a school project of mine and would really appreciate it if someone can help me. Thank you :)
btw, the proj is NOT shoplifting… its abt things tt interest us… and security cameras just happen to b one…
sorry but i dun wan to assume tt all cameras are real because i need facts on dummy security cameras for my upcoming presentation! T.T u’r all making my life difficult…

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  1. James says:

    Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to identify a fake security camera in every situation unless you are able to inspect it close-up. Now, some dummy security cameras are more ‘fake’ than others, but the point of using a fake security camera is to get it to pass as the real thing.

    Also, any security camera with two wires vs. one wire, or even no visible wires, means absolutely nothing in terms of whether the camera is fake or not. Wireless security cameras may only have a power wire running to it, and dome security cameras, dummy or real, usually don’t have any visible wiring. People can hide wires easily enough with some cameras, so don’t assume that a camera is fake just because you can’t see two wires or any wires. In fact, you should probably assume that every camera is real — especially if your question isn’t really about some ambiguous school assignment.

    If you really want to get to know dummy security cameras and their potential differences with real security cameras, you should look at various dummy security cameras online to see what their product descriptions say. You may be able to disseminate some usable differences from the product descriptions if you’re creative.

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